“I have recently been appointed to a management position through McLaren Associates and the whole experience would be characterised as professional, efficient and personable. In my view they quickly established themselves as a trustworthy team who are working to achieve the best outcome for their client through a thorough selection process, while, at the same time, establishing a good rapport with potential candidates. I highly recommend them to job seekers and employers who are looking for a professional and competent recruitment experience.”
Adie T, Area Manager
“I have dealt with McLaren’s as both an employer and a candidate and have always been impressed with the service and the ability to discuss anything related to the recruitment with 100% confidentiality.”
David M, Chief Executive
“I was very impressed with how McLaren Associates handled the interview process, and the communication between myself, and my future employer. They delivered all that they promised on, and their communication with me both via phone, and email, was always professional. Highly recommend the company.”
Greg F, National Director
“Proactive and professional, McLaren Associates are the place to go if you are serious about making that next move in your career. They always have a good rapport with the client company and provide you with all the information you need to prepare for the interview, with support and guidance always offered. They are number one on my list of recruitment companies.”
Noel R, Advisor
“The experience with McLaren Associates was very positive. The recruitment process was well managed, and I felt ‘valued’ in the interviews and subsequent interactions. I highly commend the consultants for their empathy during what can be a testing time for everyone and recommend the firm to both clients and applicants.”
John B, Director
“Applying for a new job that is potentially a huge career move can be a very stressful experience, but working with McLaren Associates really took a great deal of the stress away. I was consistently kept informed during the process, and felt McLaren Associates had a real interest in getting me into my amazing new job. Thank you so much Nikki and the team- you were amazing to work with from the moment you approached me to the time I started my new job, with your warm and organised approach. I would definitely be confident working with your team again.”
Greta E, Ticketing and Subscriptions Manager
“McLaren Associates were fantastic throughout the whole process. Unlike with other recruitment agencies, I always felt as if McLaren Associates were acting in my best interests. They kept me up to date and informed the whole time. If I’m in the job market again, I will come straight to McLaren Associates!”
Sarah F, Communications and Marketing Coordinator
“McLaren Associates are professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I felt well informed throughout the recruitment process, which made what is always a slightly nerve-wracking experience a lot easier.”
Elizabeth L, Accounts and Office Coordinator
“McLaren Associates made the job application process very smooth and easy. Excellent communication all the way through. I was informed of what was going on at every step, this helped me feel secure about which stage we were at and not left wondering what is going on. They also provided very thorough tips as to what was potentially expected from me as a candidate. I found the team very supportive and can’t recommend them any higher. Keep up the good work!”
Harmoney J, Membership Coordinator
“I found my experience with McLaren Associates to be both expert and professional. They kept me informed every step of the way throughout the application process and the follow up I received was also excellent. They excel in ‘going the extra mile’.”
Mandy C, Executive Assistant
“My experience during recruitment was a very positive one and the team were responsive, warm and professional. It makes a difference to what is potentially an anxiety provoking process, when you feel that sense of being in a safe pair of hands.”
Liz P, Chief Executive
“I have really enjoyed interacting with you and I want to thank you for your professional, efficient, and at all times, friendly support.  You really do represent the best end of the recruitment/talent research industry.  So again, thank you.”
Paul H, Senior Economist
“Excellent people who provide the best service and make you feel valued. They work hard to match you to the right job. Very impressed.”
Stacey N, Digital Marketing Manager
“McLaren Associates have twice found the ‘perfect fit’ for me. I have found consultants to be very approachable, professional and knowledgeable about both the position applying for and my skills and attributes – resulting in successful appointments. Thanks McLaren Associates.”
Sue D, Registrar
“McLaren Associates were fantastic. I felt like they actually cared about me and wanted to do their best. They kept me up to date through the whole process and I never once felt abandoned like I have with other recruitment companies. They were so quick to respond and helpful and even though I’m sure they have hundreds of clients, I honestly felt like I was the only one! I would definitely recommend McLaren Associates to others. The service is always impeccable and nothing is too much trouble. An outstanding company.”
Stacey C, Education Executive
“The McLaren Associates team have supported me into a fabulous new role which is a great match for my skills. They have held my CV on file for some time and I have met with them on several occasions. I feel like they know me and understand my needs. So when I received the call to interview for this role, I knew that it would be one that I would want and of course that turned out to be correct.The recruitment process ran very smoothly, which is what I would expect of a professional firm, and I knew what to expect at every stage. The team within McLaren Associates know what they are doing. They are also very friendly and supportive. I’m happy, my employer is happy and the McLaren team did a great job.”
Diana P, Director Support Services
“I would have no hesitation in recommending McLaren Associates to my friends and colleagues or anyone else. They were professional, friendly, kept me up to date with progress and gave good advice and support. Thank you for making it such a smooth process in what could have been a stressful time.”
Keri H, Quality Coordinator
“I have recently secured employment through McLaren Associates and would like to take this opportunity to recommend their services to both employers and candidates. They provided a highly professional service and kept me informed of developments throughout the employment process. Their relaxed style ensured that my preliminary interview prepared me for my subsequent interview with the employer. They were able to provide background information on the prospective employer and give insight into the structure and operations to assist me in the interview and gaining the position.”
Mark W, National Manager