Recruitment services

Think of us as an extension of your team. A trusted expert you can call upon at any time, for permanent or contract roles across all industry sectors from entry level to CEO and Board.

Our end-to-end service makes the recruitment process easy and efficient, while always adhering to best practice. As an alternative, we can tailor a bespoke recruitment service (known as “unbundled services”) to supplement your own recruitment process.

Our office is based in Wellington, but we have extensive networks across New Zealand as well as links in Australia and we are well versed in recruiting and sourcing the best talent nationwide.

Specialist HR services

If you don’t have an HR team or want to review your HR processes, you can take advantage of our years of experience to help ensure your business hires the right people or develops best practice processes.

We are experienced in providing the following HR consulting services:

Position description writing

A well written and concise position description is an essential element of any recruitment process. It outlines the purpose and key responsibilities of the position as well as the core competencies required to effectively undertake the position.After a full job briefing, we can construct a position description that will cover all of the necessary elements in a professional and easy to read manner.

Job evaluation

Job evaluation is the process of analysing and assessing the responsibilities and person profile of a position in order to determine its value or worth (that is, to determine a salary range).After a full job briefing and evaluation of the position description, we can advise on current market rates, including benefits (if applicable), for any given position.

Behavioural based interviews

Behavioural based interviews (also known as competency based interviews) are one of the most common forms of interview techniques. They are based on the premise that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour and require the candidate to draw on previous experience to demonstrate their competence in a particular area.After evaluation of the core competencies set out in the Position Description, we can construct a suite of behavioural based interview questions for any given position.

Acting as independent interviewers

Our Consultants are able to be a part of your interview panel as an external recruitment specialist, thereby offering an independent and unbiased opinion.We also offer our Boardroom for panel interviews, as there may be a requirement to hold interviews off-site.

Reference and background checking

It is of the upmost importance to undertake reference checking on prospective employees. These will give you further insight into their competencies relative to the position you are recruiting as well as other important traits such as dependability, honesty and whether the referee would employ them again.After evaluation of the position description and candidate’s CV, we can quickly undertake thorough reference checking and will provide you with a verbatim report that will allow you to make a fully informed decision on whether to progress to a job offer.

In addition, we have the capability to undertake background checking, for example qualifications, ACC, Ministry of Justice and credit checks.

Exit interviews

An exit interview should be offered to all employees that have resigned and conducted shortly before they leave the organisation. Exit interviews can provide invaluable information as to reasons for departure, both positive and negative.We can act as an independent, neutral interviewer and undertake in-depth interviews with your exiting employees that are thorough, candid and timely.

Note that if you do take the time to collect exit interview information, it is important to ensure that there is a process in place for appropriate and timely follow up action to be taken on the feedback, otherwise there is very little value in the exit interview process.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing can assist a recruitment process by providing:

  • Additional information regarding the candidate’s problem solving ability/cognitive power, preferred working style, ability to cope with stress, level of emotional intelligence and leadership style;
  • Consistent and targeted information. All candidates are assessed against relevant New Zealand based norm/comparison groups;
  • Capability to cross-check against data gained through other sources (for example interview and reference checks);
  • Clarification of candidate strengths and highlighting of areas where training or initial support may be needed;
  • A full competency-based report that identifies key candidate motivational drivers and outlines areas to probe further with the candidate and/or referees

We use only the most robust and commercially relevant personality and ability testing tools and would work in partnership with you to select the most appropriate assessments for any given position.

Skills testing

Skills testing enable us to assess a candidate’s current level of knowledge, skill and ability in computer software programmes, for example, Microsoft Word and Excel, to determine whether they can meet the technical requirements of the role.We have access to over 900 different skills tests. These tests have been developed and validated by industry and subject matter experts, focusing on real-life scenarios likely to be faced by people on the job; each skills test provides an effective measurement of the candidate’s ability to perform particular tasks within a role.

Executive search

We recognise that there are times where an advertised recruitment process is not suitable, and we can therefore undertake an in-depth search process to assist you in identifying suitable candidates for any given position.Using our research techniques, we maintain an up-to-date knowledge of suitably qualified individuals both nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves on being “ahead of the play” and up-to-date with market intelligence with regard to knowing where to source high calibre candidates.

Career transition and outplacement services

Constant change is a business reality in today’s day and age and organisations must constantly adapt in order to keep up. An unfortunate outcome of adapting can be the need to disestablish positions that become surplus to new business requirements. When this occurs, it is important to support affected staff through the transition process and provide them with the tools required to ensure a smooth transition from your organisation.We can deliver career transition support services to affected employees through the provision of workshops, as well as one on one coaching, which can be particularly useful for those who have not been through a recruitment process for some time. This may involve CV writing assistance, one on one role plays and more intensive interview preparation tailored to their individual needs.

We tailor our approach to suit both the organisation and the individual and as recruitment specialists, can support the individual to secure their next position.