The Need:

McLaren Associates Ltd partnered with a Not-for-Profit membership organisation to help them through an extensive change process. The organisation had undergone a complete review that signalled some major changes in direction and service provision.

The organisation needed a recruitment partner who could help them to better understand the challenges they may face with such change, create milestones and processes for the change, recruit the right people for new roles, and work with their team to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.

The Approach:

Working alongside the organisation’s leadership, McLaren facilitated a brainstorming exercise with staff. As part of the exercise we discussed the team’s current capability to effectively deliver upon the objectives outlined in the new plan – identifying any gaps.

From there, we worked closely with the Chief Executive to design an organisation structure that would enable the team to meet their obligations under the plan. Once the optimal organisation structure was agreed upon we wrote a Consultation Document, which clearly outlined the proposed structural changes and included 12 new position descriptions. This document was then used by Chief Executive to present the proposed changes to the entire organisation.

Of the organisation’s 11 existing positions, five were impacted by the proposed changes. During the consultation period, we met with staff to discuss the changes – both individually and informally as a small group. These discussions also provided an important opportunity for the staff to air any concerns.

Once the consultation period came to an end, we worked through the feedback received with the Chief Executive. We then wrote a Confirmation Document, which addressed all of the questions and feedback, and confirmed the final organisation structure going forward.

We then guided the Chief Executive through the redeployment process.

The Result:

The five affected staff were offered redeployment into the newly created positions; of which three were accepted and two opted for redundancy. The Chief Executive then engaged McLaren recruit the three vacant positions on her behalf.

After running a full recruitment process, McLaren sourced a number of quality candidates for consideration and successfully appointed three that integrated well into the existing team.

The Chief Executive had the following to say about the successful partnership: “This is the first time I have successfully used an agency to do recruiting for us; we did try a couple of times years ago with very bad results. This time was very successful, easy and produced great results, so thanks to all involved. I will have faith to call on you in future and will tell others particularly in the Not for Profit sector how good we found your services. With all that is happening in our organisation at present it would never have been possible to do this without your assistance”.

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