Why You Should Consider A Not-For-Profit Role

It’s often easy to dismiss roles in the not-for profit sector: thoughts about low pay rates, poor career pathways and diminished CV strength tend to creep in.

But we’re here to debunk those myths: working for a not-for-profit can be extremely rewarding, and a positive move for your career too. Here’s why:

Not-for-profits’ employees get decent pay

This is often the biggest concern, and it shouldn’t be. The not-for-profit sector has evolved considerably and many roles pay well. Sure, you won’t be buying an Aston Martin in year one, but you can earn a good wage in a rewarding job – which is the ultimate balance.

Speaking of balance…

Achieve that work–life balance

There’s no question that you have to work hard in a not-for-profit role – but it’s unlikely to take up much of your personal time.

Typically you clock on and off at a reasonable hour, and there’s flexibility around hours, holidays, and personal commitments.

It’s easier to make a real difference

Not-for-profits often have clear deliverables and fewer management layers, meaning your contribution results in immediate action and tangible outcomes.
What’s more: your expertise is valued, you get to work alongside genuinely committed individuals, and you get to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Not-for-profits can benefit your career

Not-for-profit roles tend to be broader than most, allowing you to enhance your work experience by taking on a wider range of tasks and contributing to more areas of the organisation, more quickly.

This scope relates to career pathways too: roles can evolve quickly and opportunities to move up can present themselves more often – all of which looks great on a CV.

So don’t forget not-for-profits – having placed hundreds of roles, we know the sector should be on your career radar.

We’re always available to talk further and don’t forget to check out mclaren.co.nz for the latest not-for-profit roles.

Wishing you all the best
Kirsty and Nikki

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  1. I highly recommend the ‘Not For Profit’ sector. The level of a difference you can make in other peoples lives is real, fill fulling and very rewarding. The hours of work are stable, 8 hours aday, 5 days a week, I choose to do a little more, my manager watchs that so that there is no loss of work life balance. The flexibility is real and generous, I personally cannot speak high enough of working in the ‘not for profit’ sector, especially as you escape alot of the accountability of a career in Government.

    • Thanks Murrey, we couldn’t agree more and it’s great to hear feedback like this! It’s a common theme with the people we speak to in the sector – they love the freedom and innovation that not-for-proft roles offer.

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